about BZX

Are you the next “X?” BZX - Boogiezone Exchange, or BZX, is a 3-week long international exchange dance program focused on bringing passionate dancers together from all over the globe direct to the hub of the Boogiezone Dance Community - Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts located in Southern California, USA! This summer there are 3 Waves back to back to back! Choose 1 or all 3! Each one is different!

Dancers who are selected to participate in BZX will take part in creating a once in a lifetime dance experience by exchanging culture, art, ideas, and their love and passion for dance. Get the TOTAL Southern California dance community experience by living and training daily at Boogiezone Utopia! 

In addition to all of the classes the Boogiezone will offer, you will get the chance to take classes at some of Los Angeles’ most esteemed studios, attend local Southern California events and gatherings, meet and get one-on-one mentoring by dance community/industry role models, rehearse and prepare for a group and solo video project, learn how to market yourself as a professional dancer, tour theme parks and shopping hotspots, and best of all, make a bunch of friends and have a whole lot of fun in the process! 

Since 2003 – Boogiezone has been the global dance community leader. Our mission is to bridge dancers from all over the world together through their common passion and love for dance and creativity. Now, with BZX the concept of dancing abroad has heightened to the next level. Are you ready for BZX – Boogiezone Xchange? 

choose your wave:


wave 14: july 11, 2019 to august 1, 2019

wave 15: august 8, 2019 to august 29, 2019
(BZX FOR INT/ADVANCED/PRE-PRO | hhi late start