what you get



All participants will be fully accommodated and housed at Boogiezone Utopia’s residential quarters. Each dancer will be guaranteed a comfortable twin bed equipped with all the necessities. Our bunk room is co-ed and with a maximum of 13 other people. You will also have access to free internet Wifi, a kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, locker room with showers. Your stay at Boogiezone Utopia will top that of any hostel or low budget hotel any day. Now you can roll out of bed and into class. Literally!


Your tuition includes full access to the entire Boogiezone Utopia regular class program. With over 30 plus instructors, you can learn styles in tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, funk styles and more. The curriculum is rather flexible, we recommend you take at least 3 classes a day but won’t require it. You can structure your class taking according to your own personal preference! Faculty instructors include, Elm Pizarro, April Rodriguez, Ryan Morris, Ayano Ito, Kiri Williams, and more. Boogiezone Utopia hours of operation are Monday –Thursday - 5:00pm to 9:30pm and Sat – 9am to 3:30pm.


We have invited the dance community and industry's most sought after choreographers to come in and rehearse with you personally!  This is not just a typical dance class, you will be learning their choreography, blocking it and thereafter reheare it for a live performance and concept video!  You will get to work hands on with 4 different choreographers each wave.  Talk about choreography overload!


You will get to train with a minimum of 3 Master instructors or different guest teachers who are NOT regular faculty at Boogiezone Utopia but are popular within the Boogiezone Dance Community. This community/industry choreographer will come in and teach the BZX group a specialty style class exclusively for 1.5 hours. Master Teachers could include amazing teachers like:  Jojo Diggs, Marie Poppins, Kumari, Arnel Calvario, and more!


BZX participants will get the chance to experience a southern California dance style workshop, and will get to take class with the local dance community. You will get to take from an additional 3 Master teachers on this special day. 



Friday is dedicated to taking classes at one or more of the established Los Angeles Dance Studios. Choose from Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynold’s, The Edge, Movement Lifestyle, and IDA are possible options. Please note that the cost of these classes is not included in your tuition, however we will be providing discounts and scholarships to varying degrees!


On Sundays, we will be hosting 3 different educational, and inspiring dance seminars that will not only help shed light on the history of dance and the roots of our dance community, but will also help to motivate, inspire, and ignite your dance career. These informative classes will give you the mental tools you will need to further your dance journey!


dance project

The Group Video Project: Ever wanted to be a part of a dance video project, something that can be admired by the Boogiezone Community global Network and shared with through social media? We will invite a popular professional Los Angeles film director and editor who will take us on location and shoot the group in their very own dance concept video.


We will create especially for you, a 1.5 minute solo video of to include in your dancer portfolio. 


Each student will get to experience what it is like to put together a dance number from beginning to end! You will work directly with 4 choreographers who previously came in to teach you. The dance number will then be blocked and cleaned. All in all, you will rehearse approximately 36hrs to prepare for the group video project and debut performance!


Every dancer needs a good headshot to market themselves. Tuition includes a special photo session, and access to all the photos taken for future use – auditions, a business card, a personal website, etc.


We will provide the opportunity for you to perform in front of a live audience! What better way to demonstrate your newly acquired skills and exhibit the three weeks of accumulated hard work and training you gathered while at BZX!


We will honor your accomplishments with a special banquet luncheon and give you a certificate for you to remember your heard work by!

“Just got home, and my dad asks me what I accomplished in LA. I don’t even know where to begin. My answer for the time being was “Lots and lots of dancing...”, but it was so much more than that. So many connections, so many memories and so many accomplishments in my life both externally and internally. Sure there was a ton of dancing, but I grew so much more in a way the outside world may not be able to see immediately.”
— Ijay Espinosa